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It’s Turkey and stuffing (dressing if you fancy) Day!

I am sooo grateful for y'all! My clients are my everything and without u it's not me! So thank you!

Whatever you call today, if you do or don’t celebrate this day, let the people that celebrate it- celebrate!

I’m seriously praying for my friends- especially the close ones- that have recently dealt with the passing of close family members. It’s been three years and I still miss my brother something awful!

So be thankful for your families, friends, so-called friends, frenemies, foes, and whatever or whoever else you are blessed to have! So many families are celebrating without loved ones; some also aren’t able to celebrate because of work, illness, etc.

Just know I’m here to support you all when you come to me (I do a lot of therapy at the spot too) and to unbig your bellies, backs, thighs, arms, all of it, after y’all eat all those plates lol. I’m grateful for all of my clients new and old! See y’all in a week! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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