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Slim Down - Detox Juice (7  day detox)

Indulge in our specially crafted MADE TO ORDER Detox Juice - the ultimate elixir for rejuvenation! Prepay and unlock a refreshing journey to detoxify your body and feel revitalized. This powerhouse juice is expertly designed to cleanse your liver, flush out toxins, and purify your colon. Bid farewell to bloating as you embrace a lighter, refreshed you. With daily consumption of just ONE 8oz bottle on an empty stomach, you'll experience the magic of shedding unwanted weight and igniting your metabolism. Embrace a healthier, happier you with our Detox Juice! 🍃🍹🌿

Slim Down - Detox Juice (7 day detox)

7 Day Detox: 7 bottles: 8ounces each

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