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Hey y’all! I’m Tiara. AKA “nursdiva” or the neighborhood NP. Now known as Black Yoga Chic.

I’ve been in healthcare basically all my life. I was the go to even as early as middle school! If anyone had any health issues they came to me and my big blue medical book. I was handing out diagnoses and treatments as a young teen. It’s just always been in me to help people get better.

Anyway... life happened. I lost my dad when I was 17 to a then brutal type of cancer. I saw his nurses were slack. I knew then I had to enter the healthcare field. I knew I couldn’t be “them.”

So I began my career as a surgical tech in a level I trauma operating room in 2000. Obtained my RN license 4 years later. BSN in 2011. Certified case manager in 2015 (CCM). MSN in 2019 with my concentration in adult Gerontology as a certified nurse practitioner. Not to mention BCLS instructor, EKG tech certification, wound care and hyperbaric medicine certification, wife, and mom. Life’s good right?

Enter the year of COVID-19. 2020. The year of vision but perhaps not the one we expected. The year of burnt-out nursing, no matter the specialty. Add another blow to our family- unexpected loss of my brother to a rare form of Pons Stroke. Which made me come to this decision of leaving healthcare. But not entirely.

Here comes The Black Yoga Chic and vis ta vie wellness spa.

I have thought about yoga and I'm going to offer it. It's just not going to be my main offer. Yoga by definition is more than the exercise. And I thought about that myself. Like how this affected me personally. And what do people want? Beauty. Better Health. More spirituality. And I'm an actual provider that can assist. I don't have to be in "healthcare" to do my job I was meant to do. I love to help ppl but I'm burnt out with traditional medicine. I wanted to create a place where we can do it all. Holistically. And if I don’t offer it I have individuals on standby that can help you with your health and beauty needs. We will get you where you want to be.


It takes a village.

So here we are.

And welcome.


Enjoy your time here with us. This is a wellness spa. A place to relax. Heal. Boost your health. Enhance your beauty. Come be apart of the Black Yoga Chic family and ~Vis Ta Vie (live your life)! ️



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