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Thanksgiving is next week y’all!

So for everyone that's part of the vis ta vie weight loss family, the time has come to decide if y'all want to throw it all away for the holidays or just relax on the two to three plates y'all usually be eating?

For me the holidays aren't really the same anymore and I just want some cold cranberry sauce straight out the jar (plopping on a plastic plate please) and some rice with Turkey gravy. I'm chubby but I'm not greedy Okurrrrrrr! Lol 😝

I say all of this to say- if you have been doing well on your journey, don't blow ut now! U can still eat. But eat it in moderation. Don't get three plates. Get 1.5. Don't eat dessert and lay down. Eat it and put up some Christmas decorations if that's your thing. Swap one unhealthy habit for a healthy habit and watch how that back unbigs itself!

So anyway! Enjoy the holidays, your loved ones, and stop getting all the damn Turkey wings and eggnog! Leave some for me please!

I want to truly thank y'all for sticking with me! We are coming up on year three and I couldn't be more thankful 🥹. Love you! Stay safe. And I will see all my clients back in the spa or outside.

❤️❤️❤️❤️Tiara ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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